About PALS

The goal of this site is to foster discussion about pedagogy in the American literature college classroom.  While there are print resources and journals dedicated to teaching American literature, the digital landscape is much smaller than related fields. For example, any question one might have about teaching composition can be answered with a quick Google search. We want our blog to contribute to an easily searchable field of information about approaches to teaching American literature.

This blog shares teaching strategies in order to expand our collective knowledge about teaching, explore pedagogical approaches, and be a resource for other instructors of American literature. We seek not only to present information but also to build a community of teachers. The majority of our work is aimed at the college level, but we welcome input in the comments section from anyone who has ideas about teaching American literature in a variety of classrooms. Posts most often take the form of short narratives/explanations of planned or executed classroom activities, inquiries into theoretical or pedagogical topics, and resources about texts, genres, or literary periods. Many posts have an element of reflection where we think about how and why we are exploring these parts of our pedagogy.

For more information about our site check out our introductory post. Feel free to contact us at teachingpals at gmail dot com or on Twitter @PedaogogyAmLitSt.