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The site index is roughly organized by category to make it easier to peruse our offerings; however, most of the posts could be categorized in several different ways.

Course Planning

          Bookending the Survey Course with Native American Literature – Part One: Oral Cultures

          Bookending the Survey Course with Native American Literature-Part Two: Contemporary Texts and Authors

          Considering the Rhetorical Situation: Teaching Literature and Composition at the Community College

          Same Class, Different Day?: Teaching Similar Content at Different Course Levels

          Student-Driven Pedagogy in the Early American Survey Course

          Syllabus & Lesson Planning: Back to Basics When Teaching New Texts

          Teaching Resources for Talking about Race in a “Post-Truth” Era

          Teaching Hamilton (the musical)

          Teaching the Works of Ernest Gaines, an NEH Summer Institute Reflection

Choosing Texts

          Anthology Spotlight: Dawnland Voices

          Anthology Spotlight: The Citizen Poets of Boston: A Collection of Forgotten Poems, 1789-1820

          Toe to Toe: Funny in Farsi versus Lipstick Jihad

          Toe to Toe: Teaching Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass versus Narrative of William W. Brown, a Fugitive Slave

Digital Influence

          The #DHattheCC Project: Digital Humanities Needs Community Colleges

          Digital Literacy and Women in Knowledge-Building Systems: #MOWomenOnWikipedia

          MLA 2016 Pedagogy – “Teaching the Archive” & “Digital Scholarship in Action: Pedagogy”

          Podcasts and Pedagogy

          Teaching Carson McCullers’ The Heart is a Lonely Hunter in an Online Introduction to American Literature Course

          Using Digital Archives to Teach Nineteenth-Century African American Writers

          Using Multimedia in Teaching Contemporary Black Women Poets

          What’s in a Composition?


Teaching Disney, Part One: Hypertextuality, The Formula, and Gender

Teaching Disney, Part Two: Race and Ethnicity, and Economics

Teaching Film and Film Adaptations in Literature Courses

Fulbright Year

Fulbright Workshop: Fake News

Welcome to Norway: The Beginnings of a Fulbrite Year

General Activities

          A Brief Case for Audio in the Classroom

          Classroom Slumps and Pedagogy Fun

          Close Looking: Art in the Classroom

          How to Use Extra Time Productively: Pacing Multiple Sections of the Same Course

          Reaction Charts: The Best Thing to Happen to 100-level Literature Classrooms Since Books

          When the Author Isn’t Dead: Teaching the Work of Living Poets, an Interview with Poet/Scholar Jordan Windholz

           San Francisco & Sui Sin Far’s Mrs. Spring Fragrance, Part One: Chinatown

           San Francisco & Sui Sin Far’s Mrs. Spring Fragrance, Part Two: Asian Art Museum

          Student-Centered, Collaborative Learning and “Literature Circles” in the American Literature Classroom

          Teaching Annotation

Pairing Texts

          Misattribution and Repurposing the Captivity Trope: Teaching Louise Erdrich and Sherman Alexie with Mary Rowlandson’s The Sovereignty and Goodness of God

          Pairing “The Lottery” with The Hunger Games to Teach Critical Thinking Skills

          Pairing Mother Courage and Her Children and The Body of an American

          Pedagogy Possibilities: In the Heart of the Sea, Moby-Dick, and the American Literature Classroom

          Sequencing Stories with Katherine Anne Porter and Sui Sin Far

          Introducing Poetry to Students by Pairing Kerry Hasler-Brooks’ “Read, Reread, Close Read” with Aracelis Girmay

          Teaching Thomas Jefferson and Phillis Wheatley

          Thoreau, meet Kaczynski: Pairing Henry David Thoreau with Joy Williams

          The Glass Menagerie and Fences: Artist Figures and Unfulfilled Dreams

          Waiting for Godot and “Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo”: Genre Pairings

Self Reflection on Teaching

         Bad Pedagogy

         The Burst of The ITT Tech Bubble and Pedagogical Support

         Pairing 19th c. and 21st c. African American writers; or, it seemed like a great idea at the time . . .

          PALS Roundtable: Big Oops, Little Oops! Learning from Missteps when Teaching Literature

          Pedagogical Lessons from the Transcendentalists: 2017 NEH Summer Institute in Concord

         Physical, Mental, and Emotional Taxation in the Classroom

          That Awkward Feeling I Get When Discussing Necrophilia with My Students: My Experience Teaching McCarthy’s Child of God

Student Voices

From an English Major: Reflections on Two Undergrad Classroom Experiences

Teaching Poetry Collections

          Reflecting on, Reframing, and Revising Approaches to Texts: Teaching M. NourbeSe Philip’s Zong!*, Again

          Teaching a collection of poems using Natasha Trethewey’s Native Guard as a test case, Part 1

          Teaching a collection of poems using Natasha Trethewey’s Native Guard as a test case, Part 2

          Teaching a collection of poems using Natasha Trethewey’s Native Guard as a test case, Part 3

          A Case for Teaching the Penguin Phillis Wheatley

Text Specific Approaches

          Pedagogy and the Weird with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Louise Erdrich, and Flannery O’Connor

          Spooky Story Season: Student Reactions to Stephen King’s Short Fiction

          Teaching Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale

          Teaching Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood

          Teaching Old World Vs. New World in Willa Cather’s O Pioneers!

          Literature is Political: Teaching Charles Chesnutt’s The Marrow of Tradition, Critical Patriotism, and Media Literacy

          Being an “American Original”: Frameworks for Teaching Texts by Junot Diaz

          Teaching Junot Diaz’s Drown through the Lens of Critical Patriotism

          Irreverently Teaching Junot Diaz’s This Is How You Lose Her

          Teaching Storytelling and Personal Narrative in Gayl Jones’s Corregidora

          Teaching Nella Larsen’s Passing

          Early American Library History and Digital Humanities Using Hamilton

          Teaching Hamilton: An American Musical as Contemporary American Drama

          Teaching Hamilton: A Wrap Up

          Teaching Historical Context with E.L. Doctorow’s Ragtime

Teaching Jane Johnston Schoolcraft

          Challenges and Rewards of Guest Lectures: Teaching Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye for One Class Period

          Teaching the Long Short Story: Alice Munro’s “Vandals” in the Literature Classroom

          Using the Ladies’ Home Journal to Teach Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar

          Teaching Phillis Wheatley through Anne Bradstreet

          “The Yellow-Wallpaper,” Close Reading, and the Introductory Literature Classroom

          Walking through Richard Brautigan’s Antique Shop: Brautigan’s Relevance in the Contemporary College Classroom

Theoretical and Critical Approaches

          Addressing Despair in the Classroom: An Ecocritical Approach to Non-Canonical American Writers

          An Essay Asks a Question and Tries to Answer it: Introducing American Lit Students to Contemporary Forms of Creative Nonfiction

          Banned Books: Teaching How Literary Reception Informs Interpretation

          Campus Birds: Making American Renaissance Poetry Accessible through Birdwatching

          Frankenstudents: Experimenting with Horror Narratives

History’s Inconsistent Characters

Human, Animal, HUMANIMAL… and making lit crit count

          Introducing Ecocriticism Quickly

          “I think Aladdin looked kinda white”: Teaching Cultural Projection in the Classroom

          Loving the Alien; or Making Theory Useful in the Undergraduate American Literature Classroom, Part One

Loving the Alien; or Making Theory Useful in the Undergraduate American Literature Classroom, Part Two

Reflections on Teaching Style in Short Stories

          Teaching Transatlantic Influence

          Teaching Women and Transcendentalism

What the Founders Read: Solutions for a Problematic Course

Working with the Archives, Museums, Library, and Librarians Series

          Collaborating with Your Special Collections Librarian

          Review: Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution

          TL;DR: Talk to the Librarians

          Treasures from the Archives

          What to talk about with the Librarians


          Composing First Impressions: Assigning a Writing Sample in Literature Courses

          Creative Writing in the Literature Classroom

          Group Papers to Balance the Teaching of Writing and Literature: Featuring Philip Freneau’s “Occasioned by General Washington’s Arrival in Philadelphia, On His Way to His Residence in Virginia”

          “Way Harsh, Tai”: Writing Advice for the Personal Statement

          Teaching Edgar Allan Poe’s Poetry and Writing Philosophy through Imitation and Response

          Teaching Revision through Hamilton: An American Musical

          Translating Composition Writing Activities into the Literature Classroom

           Signature Stories

          Unpacking the Personal Essay: Teaching Structure and Avoiding Cliché in Creative Nonfiction Workshops

          Spooky Story Season: Student Reactions to Stephen King’s Short Fiction